Chess Training Positions





Chess Training Position 6 (White to move, from the game Stein Vs  Milov North American Open 2005)

Chess training Stein vs Milov Vegas 2005




Chess Position 5 (Black to move, from the game Yap Vs  Kosteniuk  North American Open 2005)

Yap vs Kosteniuk vegas 2005


Position 1 : Black to play (I will post the solution and a short explanation on Feb 22 2015 see training positions answers tab).







Training position 2 : White to play

Training position 3 White to move over 700



Training Position 3 Why to move. Who is better and why?

Training position 4 White to move who is better and why


Position 4 : Black to move (1800 USCF and Up) Feel free to email me your comments/answers to

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