Miguel’s Favorite Vendors

Many parents and players ask me where to buy chess equipment (chess pieces, boards), books or computer software. Below are the vendors I recommend and the reason why I do so.

1. Chess for Less, I met the owner back in 2007 during the Turkey Bowl in South Florida and his customer service really impressed me. At that time I was ready to buy two different chess programs and at the register the owner asked me why I was buying the software and I gave him my reasons. To my surprise the owner of chess for less told me ” well according to your needs you will be fine just with one program instead of buying both because… ” and after an easy to follow explanation I understood how to get the best out of program. I felt Chess for Less care about building long term relations with their customers and sell what the customer really needs.

I also like the fact that Chess for Less supports our Florida chess events like the State Championship 2014 as the Book Vendor. The prices on the merchandise are fair and you can get the newest book/software hitting the market in a hassle free transaction.  Link to store website


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