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Chess Training and Lessons

We provide the following chess services from beginners to Intermediate players (up to 1800 USCF)

  • One to One Chess Lessons.
  • Group Chess Lessons.
  • Training Sessions (Tactics, Strategy, Endgames)
  • Chess Club Group Lessons.
  • Coaching on site during major competitions such as Nationals or State Championships.
  • Opening Chess Training
  • Practice games before tournament play + game analysis.

Our Champions

  Brooks Chandler

                                                              (1575 to 1734 USCF in 7 weeks)

CFCC 2022 SUNSHINE OPEN Class B Champion 4.5/5


Erick Zhao 6 years old National Kindergarden Champion 2014

(Peak 1497 USCF with us, currently 2371 USCF )

 Erick still improving, after his experience at Gainesville Chess Training ,winning International tournaments and closing in to the    International Chess Master title


Kira Caza (Peak 1351 USCF)



Jad Helmy,

Central Florida Class Champion

Peak 1617 USCF


                                                                             James  Wnek

2014 Southern Class D Champion 2016,Central FLCC,ClassB Co-Champion.

1150 to 1785 in 3 years



Jarrod Harris,


Peak 1475




                                   Miguel Ararat, MS, MPharm

FIDE Instructor (2018)



Miguel is from Colombia, South America, where he completed a bachelor degree in biology and chemistry and postgraduates studies in basic medical science and pharmacology. Miguel visited the U.S as a research scholar at the UF McKnight Brain Institute where he was part of the team that discovered the neuronal origin of the Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK) 293 cell line. Gainesville was a good fit for Miguel and he decided to return to UF and to pursue a master’s degree and to play with the Gators Men Volleyball club as an outside hitter (2006) and defense specialist (2007). Later, Miguel Joined the Liver Unit at UF as a biological scientist to study the immunopathogenesis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) with Dr. Roniel Cabrera as a mentor. Under Dr. Cabrera guidance Miguel developed his passion for immunology and discovered the inmunosupressive properties of soluble portion of the IL-2 receptor (sCD25) and its influence on Treg function as well as the enhanced suppressive capabilities of HCC Tregs. When completing a master’s program in Pharmacy at UF, Miguel discovered the immunomodulatory properties of the drug sorafenib on T CD4 and Treg cells.

The studies at the Liver Unit on Tregs and sorafenib open the door to a cooperation with the Brusko’s lab. Miguel has formally joined the Brusko’s team to use pharmacology and basic immunology to immunomodulate Treg in the context of T1D. After 1 year at the Brusko Lab Miguel will take some time off to prepare his application to the International Chess Federation (FIDE) to advance from National Instructor to FIDE Instructor.


  • Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society, Life Member, 2007

  • International Chess Federation, National Chess Instructor, 2013

  • United States Chess Federation, Advance Level III Chess Coach, 2012

  • Florida Chess Association Board Member (until 2016) and National Delegate, Orlando, Florida, 2015

  • United States Chess Federation, Local Chess Tournament Director, 2015


  • Santiago de Cali University, Outstanding Alumni, Cali, Colombia, 2002

  • Incomex, Outstanding Scientist, Cali, Colombia, 2003

Other Interests

  1. Chess as a tool to help the development of young and aging brains.
  2. Unbiased review of chess books and chess training tools to help chess enthusiast to improve at the game. Currently, all major chess producing companies send me  books and  software to be reviewed at this website or the Florida Chess Association Magazine.
  3. Practical applications of chess strategy and tactics to college level volleyball.
  4. Airsoft…



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