Meet the Romantics

If you only want to read a well written chess book here are my recommendations. Craig Pritchett Chess Romantics Great romantics

The book covers five Romantic players, Anderssen, Chigorin, Reti, Larsen and Morozevich. Pritchett does a great job selecting model games for each player and showing their contribution to modern chess. For example, before reading this book I was under the impression that Anderssen victories were base on tactics (over calculating his opponent). Now I understand that before Anderssen unleashed  a tactical combination a position foundation was established.

The author also compares the five romantic players with other players from theirs time. The matches between Chigorin and Tarrash are explained not only with annotations, but  from the differences in chess styles. Tarrasch’s classic space gaining strategy versus Chigorin skills in planning and tactical play in complex situations (a characteristic shared by Anderssen, Reti, Larsen and Morozevich. I guess this is the connection between all the players in this book)

What I like the most from this book is Pritchetts mastery in connecting each player with the corresponding era at the same time that opening and middlegames ideas are explained and updated. The book flows nicely even when explaining Larsen’s games! This effort by Pritchett must make it to the whishing list of every chess player looking to understand dynamic chess and enjoy a selection of well annotated games.

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